“A Series That Is So Bad That It Becomes Entertaining”

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So, before starting this blog post I really want to say that this post or all the coming posts are not meant to hurt any writer or to throw shades on any one but rather it is just a mean of expressing my own opinion about certain books or parts of general books. Now, without further due, let’s get started.

There are quite some books that are so good and hyped but somehow they become awful along the way. And amongst this realm of books we have this particular series that is so bad yet so interesting at the same time. Let me give you a hint: it is YA dystopian which is quite popular (and includes lots of beautiful dresses).

The Famous or rather Infamous ” The Selection Series” ❤

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read the books yet then read them first and then read this post.


Okay, when talking about The Selection Series the first character that comes in our minds is, America Singer. I have literally never come across any character which is as annoying as she is (Maxon boy, I do believe you are cute but I don’t respect your life choices and don’t even get me started on Aspen!). First of all the love triangle! I hate love triangles in general but if you want me to murder those characters throw some America Singer in it and Voila! you have the element of ruining every good story.

I actually loved reading this series. I read the first three books in two days straight. This series is something you cannot simply put down and sometimes you have this strong urge to throw it across the room.

When I finished the first three books I was like, “Okay, so finally I got the answers and now I won’t have to read about this clueless or rather dumbest character” but guess what? The daughter came in the picture. You know that phrase? Like mother like daughter. Well, in this case the daughter was 10 times more of what her mother was;  “The most Powerful” Princess Eadlyn. (YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!)


I have one question. Why these men in this series need to reevaluate their life choices so much? I mean, I get it love is blind but love isn’t dumb enough to not recognize the annoyance of another person. I have so many conflicting feelings towards these books. In one way, these books are my guilty pleasure. I might re-read them in future (like again and again) but I have such strong feelings towards these characters that I will keep on despising them. But still I cannot deny that this series is so entertaining that I couldn’t put down the first three books. I actually kind of DNFed The Crown when I was halfway through the book. I couldn’t take any longer of Eadlyn Schreave and had to just read the ending but I totally recommend the first three books in this series.

So there you go, The Selection Series is awfully good (Only oxymoron can define this series). The covers are so pretty, the dresses are amazing, the writing is also really good but one has to be tolerant enough to read this series.

Hope I didn’t offend anyone. This is only what I felt about this series. I never said these books shouldn’t exist because writing these kinds of books is a real talent and no one should discourage anyone as Truman Capote said, “You can’t blame the writer for what the characters say.” I do believe Kiera Cass is an amazing writer and she should write more amazing books in future.


A Bibliophile. ❤


“Complaining about Books…”

Greetings to all the beautiful souls.

Hope everyone is doing perfectly fine.

So yeah the title is pretty shocking right? I mean what kind of person can complain about books, that’s right! Me! But don’t take it in a wrong way I’m not complaining about books rather I will be complaining about things that happen in books and most of them are YA (My most favorite genre!).

Sometimes Young Adult books get me so frustrated that all I want to do is rant about them. I love books and I read so many in a month and sometimes the only reason of why  I read these books is to tell myself “See, you are not in this mess, your life isn’t this messy, you are stupid but not like the protagonist of this book.” This post is not for complaining but rather to tell you all that the complaints are on their way and for next coming days I will be posting different kinds of complaints I have with different Young Adult books.

Also, you can comment down below what are the pet peeves of yours in reading books. And suggest me different things related to books that are in urgent need to be discussed.

Until next time. 🙂


One of the Blessed Ones. ❤



“What has been going on…”

Greetings to all the beautiful souls. ❤

Hope you all are doing fine.

I don’t like to talk about my life on my blog but I guess I’m not a good person to give advice to my own self. 😀


Here it goes. I’m a student in my 2nd semester of sophomore year in university. I spend majority of my time of week in university because the timings of my classes are pretty hectic. It gets quite stressful sometimes and just recently it got so exhausting that I actually considered giving up and leaving university, although I get good grades and everything but the fact is everything comes with a price. When you are straight A’s student you are under this huge pressure all the time that you have to keep those scores like that and sometimes the pressure is not from the external forces but rather it is your own mind and heart that keep on telling you that you have to try more and more and more until there comes a point where you start to lose it. It seems like a concrete container where someone keeps throwing buckets of water with so much pressure that then a time comes when cracks start to appear on the walls of container.

I haven’t been able to post that much in maybe two weeks and I believed that it was because I had nothing to post, no idea or topic to be discussed. But now that I’m thinking of it the problem wasn’t the lack of ideas but rather the urge of staying away from every breathing soul. I’m an introvert to the extend where I actually spent two straight months of vacations in my room and not even bothered to get out to get sun light. I would rather have my head stuck in pages of books than to say ‘hello’ to another human being. Okay, now I don’t even know what I was going to say initially but I guess the point of me wallowing this much was to tell you all that we don’t know what anyone is going through in their life and we should be considerate to other people. I’m apparently a person who try to stay as cheerful as I can get in front of others but that does not mean that I don’t have things going on in my mind and sometimes the worst part of it is you don’t even know what is going on your mind but there’s something that is bugging you continuously.

Okay, now this blog post is not making any sense. So before I say anything else which is going to be completely senseless, let’s stop this writing here. I know almost everyone is going through somethings in their life but let me tell you, you are not alone. We are all in this together. ❤

Until next time.


One of the Blessed Ones. ❤



“The Presumed Definition of Beauty”

Hey beautiful soul. 🙂 

 I had no plan on writing this post but I always think about this ‘Idea’ of beauty that we humans have. I mean, it is the most complicated things, well not only this but every concept that is associated to humans is complicated, I believe. The definition of beauty is quite vague if we think about it. There’s not definite meaning of what really beauty is. Is it abstract? or is it physical? Does it really exist? or is there no existence of it whatsoever..?

We all hold some kind of definition regarding this term – beauty. For some it could be fair skin, almond eyes, long blonde hair, fuller lips and for some it could be light toned skin, big eyes, small lips, pixie haircut and for some it could be brilliant mind, a sense of humour, loyalty etcetera. The point is, every person in this world has their own concept, imagination, visual of what beauty is and in what beauty lies.

I’m going to be honest, before writing this blog I actually went on Google and searched for the definition of beauty. According to Merriam Webster the definition of beauty is “the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit”

Basically it is something that is aesthetic to human mind so when we think about it, beauty doesn’t really have shapes or forms, it doesn’t lie in a person or thing, it doesn’t show a quality or physical trait. All it says is beauty is pleasing to human’s mind or soul. So then why is it that we look for beauty in person’s physical state and try to measure it on some scale provided by media or given by society. When beauty really has different definitions or more specifically no certain definition then on what basis we claim that we don’t find that person beautiful?

My point is, beauty is something that relates to aesthetic and any thing can be pleasurable and happiness to human’s mind. It is not limited to gender, age, race or any physical state. So, we should rather find pleasure in souls rather in shapes.

Hope I didn’t offend anyone. Please share your views, what do you think beauty is?


One of the Blessed Ones. ❤


“Our Perceptions and The Reality”

Hey beautiful souls. 🙂

Hope everyone is doing good and if not, don’t worry it will get better no matter how impossible ‘better’ seems right now.

I have never actually limited my blog to any specific category. There are multiple issues and I know that people around the world are addressing them but I felt a need to discuss them in my blog also and before writing this blog I believe I need to give a disclaimer for any one who might find it offensive or insulting in one way or another because trust me I never intend to hurt or insult any one in any form.

I’m a student of literature and linguistics but I also study different courses regarding social sciences and by the end of every day I’m learning about so many things and trying to look at things, people, situations in so many ways that sometimes I doubt that how did I actually manage to live up till now without even considering these enormous concepts.

Either I’m studying linguistics or human rights, the thing that constantly bugs me is that how we all are same and yet how unique we all are, how we all see the same things and how we perceive them in different ways, how we all are right yet how wrong we are to each other. Out of all these observations I have learnt one thing that what we see, hear, understand, might not be the reality but what the reality holds is completely different from what we have been believing. We all hear the same sounds differently, we all see the same things from different angles. Sometimes it doesn’t mean that we all are wrong but sometimes it also doesn’t mean that we all right.

We all see things from the frame of reference that has been provided us by our own minds but that doesn’t change the fact that we all can commit mistakes while judging and observing things. It is a human nature to judge, to commit mistakes but it is also human nature to accept things the way they are, to accept that everyone has their own frame of reference and their reasons to believe, act, say things according to their own contextual reality. Because at the end we all are same and yet different in every single way.

Please share your views and contribute to this topic, it will be really appreciated.


One of the Blessed Ones. ❤

“Made You Up”

“Wondering upon what to paint

With the canvas in my hands

I thought and thought of different ways

To show the love I’ve always had

I thought of shadows, I thought of light

I thought of colourful rainbows in the sky

Bringing the brush to the sheet

I held it for all I knew and let it paint

After some moments I recognized

All I could see was a silhouette of some kind

Maybe this was the moment for me to realize

You were nothing but the figment of my mind.”

P.S I know it was a lousy attempt at writing a poem but I really wanted to share it with everyone on my blog. Please share your views and suggest me how can I improve my writing skills. And please try not to be so harsh on me. 🙂


A Wanderer’s Soul. ❤


“Rescuing a Damsel in Distress…”

Hey beautiful souls. 🙂

So, I don’t know if people are going to agree with what I’m about to say or they’re going to contradict me for it but I believe there are people out their who kind of already know this thing and somewhat believe in their hearts that it is true but still maybe need someone else to tell them about this thing.

I think one of the problems with some writers either of YA genre, NA genre or generally any genre is that they tend to bring a “saviour” in every novel with social issue that we have. I mean, it is okay if you are trying to make your novel more interesting or trying to get people who are interested in that sort of thing (trust me I’m not saying anything against these writers, I might be the biggest fan of these genres). I’m only saying that there are some social issues which cannot be solved by including a love interest in protagonist’s life.

You cannot just make a life of teen mom by introducing a boyfriend in her life and try to make it seem like everything is going to get perfect, nor you can show that a domestic violence can lessen its effects on some children just because the guy next door has charming smile and he promises to take her somewhere magical.

There are people out there dealing with some issues like bullying, domestic abuse, anxiety, and all they have got to look for solutions regarding their problems is these books. They start looking into them and think of it as a possibility that some other human being will come right into their lives and fix everything.

You can’t argue with saying that these people should know that these stories are fictional because we all know that when a person is desperate s/he looks for any sign that could possibly come in front of him/her even if it is in some fictional story. When people read these books they start to wait for their own “hero”. It could be a cute guy next door or a new boy in school or they might wait for a total stranger to meet them in a book store. But it is what set them to expect that they are only going to be saved by a boy or a girl. People in those times need to know that you don’t need a boy to save you because nothing gets perfect as time changes, things only get better. You can only make things better and even if you can’t, don’t relay on a prince charming to come rescue you because sometimes the people who are really close to us can also save us, they can be our parents or siblings but they also love you and will do anything to make you happy, just like you will do anything to make you happy.

I apologize to anyone who thinks that what I said is upsetting or untrue. I guess everyone needs to know that they don’t need another human being to save them rather they need to know that every one of us possesses so much power and strength within ourself that we are completely capable of doing anything on our own. .


A Soul Residing In Wonderland. ❤