“What has been going on…”

Greetings to all the beautiful souls. ❤

Hope you all are doing fine.

I don’t like to talk about my life on my blog but I guess I’m not a good person to give advice to my own self. 😀


Here it goes. I’m a student in my 2nd semester of sophomore year in university. I spend majority of my time of week in university because the timings of my classes are pretty hectic. It gets quite stressful sometimes and just recently it got so exhausting that I actually considered giving up and leaving university, although I get good grades and everything but the fact is everything comes with a price. When you are straight A’s student you are under this huge pressure all the time that you have to keep those scores like that and sometimes the pressure is not from the external forces but rather it is your own mind and heart that keep on telling you that you have to try more and more and more until there comes a point where you start to lose it. It seems like a concrete container where someone keeps throwing buckets of water with so much pressure that then a time comes when cracks start to appear on the walls of container.

I haven’t been able to post that much in maybe two weeks and I believed that it was because I had nothing to post, no idea or topic to be discussed. But now that I’m thinking of it the problem wasn’t the lack of ideas but rather the urge of staying away from every breathing soul. I’m an introvert to the extend where I actually spent two straight months of vacations in my room and not even bothered to get out to get sun light. I would rather have my head stuck in pages of books than to say ‘hello’ to another human being. Okay, now I don’t even know what I was going to say initially but I guess the point of me wallowing this much was to tell you all that we don’t know what anyone is going through in their life and we should be considerate to other people. I’m apparently a person who try to stay as cheerful as I can get in front of others but that does not mean that I don’t have things going on in my mind and sometimes the worst part of it is you don’t even know what is going on your mind but there’s something that is bugging you continuously.

Okay, now this blog post is not making any sense. So before I say anything else which is going to be completely senseless, let’s stop this writing here. I know almost everyone is going through somethings in their life but let me tell you, you are not alone. We are all in this together. ❤

Until next time.


One of the Blessed Ones. ❤