“Binge-watching and Reading slump” (My Recommendation)

Hey guys, so two weeks ago I had a reading slump, where I couldn’t read any book. I tried so hard and even skimmed through some books to get back in the mood but I guess you can’t fight the reading slump sometimes. At the same time, I really wanted to binge watch some really good tv shows or sitcoms. I asked my sister what should I watch and she suggested me Brooklyn Nine Nine because she had recently watched it too. Let me be honest here, I was quite skeptical before starting this sitcom and I don’t know why maybe because my idiot mind was saying “O’ little mortal, don’t go for that ye have no idea about” (Okay that was such a bad attempt, I deeply apologize for even trying to say that and you should never go for the hype) but despite all my inner battles I thought, ‘Let’s give the sitcom a chance’. And MY OH MY! Was it the best chance I had ever given. Guys Brooklyn Nine Nine is such an underrated show. I thoroughly enjoyed it and binge-watched it even though I had to go to university and I was pretty exhausted that week but I just couldn’t stop watching it.

The sitcom is filled with humor, sarcasm, real issues, and EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN A SITCOM. Andy Samberg is such an amazing actor and every single actor in this sitcom is so good. If you really want a light hearted, cute, sarcastic, and a sitcom that actually addresses real social issues, then Brooklyn Nine Nine is definitely what you should binge-watch. I  highly recommend it. And trust me you’re really going to enjoy watching it.

Tell me in comments down below if you have watched it or planning to watch it. And also tell me what are you binge-watching these days and if there are any shows/sitcoms that you recommend watching?


Thank you for reading. ❤


American Horror Story Season 7: Cult (My thoughts)

Before starting off let me just say it is not a review. If you haven’t watched the first episode that aired on 5th September then I would say don’t read it maybe, I haven’t really decided if I’m going to put some spoilers here or not. So let’s just say go watch the episode and maybe then come and read it if you really have an interest in knowing what I thought of it. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Okay, so Evan Peters (in every other season of AHS) had been so charming even when he played a psychopath in Murder House (Season 1). But this season he gave us a whole new level of insanity (I mean, the guy can REALLY creep you out). Also, I didn’t know Billie Lourd was also going to be in this season *shocked* and she gave off the same vibes in this episode -at least half of this episode- which she gave off in Scream Queens (Fun fact: I was waiting for Scream Queen Season 3 to air this month but yesterday I got to know that the show got cancelled). Really love how she acts. The episode focused on so many issues. Not only on the surface, where the whole episode consisted of President Trump being elected and its impact on the public but also on multiple other issues like self-harm, the dark side of the internet, children’s minds, et cetera. Sarah Paulson, as always, delivered amazing performance but still her performance in Season 4: Freak Show will always be my most favorite amongst all.

Now coming to the negatives, this episode gave me the worst anxieties. Trypophobia is one of the widely found phobias amongst people yet choosing to show it in such widely watched show is a big risk because those producers can consequently lose their audience suffering from this phobia or Coulrophobia. I was literally afraid throughout the episode not because of the themes of it but because of visual representation of Trypophobia. Somehow, I managed to watch the whole episode but I really don’t think I will be able to watch any more episodes of it. Can’t risk my anxiety when my plate is already filled with it.

The conclusion is, I found the episode interesting and to be honest I didn’t plan on watching it because I DNFed the last season after watching the first few episodes. And if it weren’t for my trypophobia I would have considered watching it but at this point, I really think that the AHS franchise either needs to bring back Jessica Lange or it needs to make its seasons more interesting like the first few were.

With that being said, these were all my thoughts and if you disagree with me on any of it then please feel free to comment below and also tell me if you liked the episode or not? and the things you liked/disliked?

Thank you for reading.

“Being Brown…”

The other day my friend texted me saying that she needed my address because she wanted to order some thing off the internet and for some reasons she couldn’t get it delivered to her own house. I gave her my address and when the packaged arrived I came to know that the product was basically a ‘Whitening Serum’, which supposedly helps you get lighter or white skin.

I’m from Pakistan and obviously, I’m brown but let me tell you it is not the other races that discriminate us, our own people discriminate each other. I might get in trouble in saying and exposing all these things but some things need to be said. Every time I turn on TV there’s always an ad regarding how you can whiten your skin with a whole story that how a girl with darker skin doesn’t get anyone’s attention and how she can’t marry but when she applies these whitening creams she immediately gets this ‘glow’ and become ‘beautiful’ because these are the standards we have set in our own country, and trust me nothing infuriates me more than to actually observe how explicitly we discriminate our own race.

If you are unfamiliar with Pakistani television shows then I’m sure what I’m about to tell you is definitely going to surprise you. Every morning on all the Pakistani channels multiple morning programs air and almost every morning there are at least 3 channels which tell you how to whiten your skin using different injections, creams or natural methods. Look I know it is okay to clear your skin off the dust and everything but they literally explicitly tell you how to get white skin because this is how you are going to be accepted and be called beautiful. They sometimes stage this whole act where actors disguised as locals come and tell them that they want white skin and on national television the host along with some ‘doctors’ inject some kind of serum in their skin and tell them that they will have to use it for this particular amount of days and then they can achieve this “beauty”. We have so many actors who started off as browns and now they have white skins. Brides insist on using so much foundation of way lighter tone than their complexion so they can look beautiful in their new illuminated look on their wedding day. It is quite normal for people to call a person with darker tone “Kaala” which in English means black.

The thing is we have gotten so used to these unacceptable, obnoxious, disgusting habit of hating our own skin color that it doesn’t even occur to anyone to say anything against it. My own friends show their dislike towards darker tones or skin that whenever they get a chance they try to use these makeup products to lighten their complexion.

This post has already got so long, tell me in comments below if you want me to continue to talk about this issue because I have so many stories regarding this issue to tell and I will most definitely talk about it. I always mention at the end of my every post that I apologize if this offended you in any way but I’m not going to say it now because there are some issues in our society which need to be discussed and people should take offend by them. Also, suggest me if I should share those ads or tv shows about this issue.

Thank you for reading this looooong post.

Until next time.


“A Break…”

Greetings 🙂

I recently started this series of posts where I would rant about the things I hate in YA or books in general and I actually have a list of 10-15 things that I really hate and I was not planning on taking a break from posting those ‘complaining series’ because I didn’t want to be inconsistent with the flow of my blog posts. BUT it doesn’t matter if I take a break or not because literally no one reads my posts LIKE LITERALLY NO ONE! So I can post whatever I want whenever I want because I don’t have any audience (I can’t decide if I should cry over this thing or laugh at my own stupidity)

So I guess I won’t stop writing because why should I? 😛 But I will post whenever I want without being consistent in whatever I want to write (Perks of not being famous :D)

I actually contemplated writing about some philosophical ideas but then I thought I already have to go to university every day and study those things every single hour, why should I make my self suffer through those ‘academic’ things at home also? It doesn’t mean I won’t write about those things but I won’t write about those things as much as I initially decided. I actually don’t know why I’m writing this post or what I’m going to write after this post (SHOCKER, RIGHT!) but I know one thing that I will write something!


FYI, I always knew I had some elements of Andy Dawyer in me but this is a whole new level.

So this is it. I don’t have anything else to say write now but I guess I will post about something sooner or later.

Until the next time (whenever it is going to be)


I want to write ‘Someone Clueless’ but I don’t want to embarrass myself any more than what I have just done in this post. So…

One of the Blessed Ones. ❤