“Our Perceptions and The Reality”

Hey beautiful souls. 🙂

Hope everyone is doing good and if not, don’t worry it will get better no matter how impossible ‘better’ seems right now.

I have never actually limited my blog to any specific category. There are multiple issues and I know that people around the world are addressing them but I felt a need to discuss them in my blog also and before writing this blog I believe I need to give a disclaimer for any one who might find it offensive or insulting in one way or another because trust me I never intend to hurt or insult any one in any form.

I’m a student of literature and linguistics but I also study different courses regarding social sciences and by the end of every day I’m learning about so many things and trying to look at things, people, situations in so many ways that sometimes I doubt that how did I actually manage to live up till now without even considering these enormous concepts.

Either I’m studying linguistics or human rights, the thing that constantly bugs me is that how we all are same and yet how unique we all are, how we all see the same things and how we perceive them in different ways, how we all are right yet how wrong we are to each other. Out of all these observations I have learnt one thing that what we see, hear, understand, might not be the reality but what the reality holds is completely different from what we have been believing. We all hear the same sounds differently, we all see the same things from different angles. Sometimes it doesn’t mean that we all are wrong but sometimes it also doesn’t mean that we all right.

We all see things from the frame of reference that has been provided us by our own minds but that doesn’t change the fact that we all can commit mistakes while judging and observing things. It is a human nature to judge, to commit mistakes but it is also human nature to accept things the way they are, to accept that everyone has their own frame of reference and their reasons to believe, act, say things according to their own contextual reality. Because at the end we all are same and yet different in every single way.

Please share your views and contribute to this topic, it will be really appreciated.


One of the Blessed Ones. ❤


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