“Rescuing a Damsel in Distress…”

Hey beautiful souls. 🙂

So, I don’t know if people are going to agree with what I’m about to say or they’re going to contradict me for it but I believe there are people out their who kind of already know this thing and somewhat believe in their hearts that it is true but still maybe need someone else to tell them about this thing.

I think one of the problems with some writers either of YA genre, NA genre or generally any genre is that they tend to bring a “saviour” in every novel with social issue that we have. I mean, it is okay if you are trying to make your novel more interesting or trying to get people who are interested in that sort of thing (trust me I’m not saying anything against these writers, I might be the biggest fan of these genres). I’m only saying that there are some social issues which cannot be solved by including a love interest in protagonist’s life.

You cannot just make a life of teen mom by introducing a boyfriend in her life and try to make it seem like everything is going to get perfect, nor you can show that a domestic violence can lessen its effects on some children just because the guy next door has charming smile and he promises to take her somewhere magical.

There are people out there dealing with some issues like bullying, domestic abuse, anxiety, and all they have got to look for solutions regarding their problems is these books. They start looking into them and think of it as a possibility that some other human being will come right into their lives and fix everything.

You can’t argue with saying that these people should know that these stories are fictional because we all know that when a person is desperate s/he looks for any sign that could possibly come in front of him/her even if it is in some fictional story. When people read these books they start to wait for their own “hero”. It could be a cute guy next door or a new boy in school or they might wait for a total stranger to meet them in a book store. But it is what set them to expect that they are only going to be saved by a boy or a girl. People in those times need to know that you don’t need a boy to save you because nothing gets perfect as time changes, things only get better. You can only make things better and even if you can’t, don’t relay on a prince charming to come rescue you because sometimes the people who are really close to us can also save us, they can be our parents or siblings but they also love you and will do anything to make you happy, just like you will do anything to make you happy.

I apologize to anyone who thinks that what I said is upsetting or untrue. I guess everyone needs to know that they don’t need another human being to save them rather they need to know that every one of us possesses so much power and strength within ourself that we are completely capable of doing anything on our own. .


A Soul Residing In Wonderland. ❤



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