“Once Upon A Time I Was Not A Reader…”

Hey beautiful souls. 🙂

So yes, there was a time in my life where I wasn’t a reader (or at least I thought I wasn’t).

You know how when we are young and we try to be cool and somehow we end up thinking that being a reader is not a cool thing to do… This is what happened to me and now that I think of it, it actually surprises me how much of an idiot I was to think that – no offence to anyone who doesn’t read, trust me I respect you but the thing is I don’t really respect myself for believing that 😛

This is how the story goes….

(Fun Fact: I’m an obsessive fan of Wizards of Waverly Place for like ever)

I used to watch Wizards of Waverly Place religiously (I still do) but back in the days I would watch same episode over and over again. In WOWP Alex Russo was shown as such a cool teenager she would wear these incredibly cute outfits and her hairstyle was so cute that I think every teenage girl would try to copy her, hell I wanted to be her. Alex Russo would always read a magazine more like look through the pages and pictures and she would always say that she didn’t like to read. This is where I started acting like “Oh reading is so ridiculous, who does that”. I know right such an Idiot I was. Now what I would actually do is, read these books or short stories every night before I sleep every single day but still I would pretend that I hated reading.

Then in the month of July, 2014 I realized that I had always been a reader it was only that I chose to be ignorant regarding this hobby of mine and this is how I embraced the soul of reader who was dwelling within me and I accepted to the world that yes I do read and I do love it to the core of my heart. (well it wasn’t really that dramatic I only told my sister to buy more books 😀 )

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love Alex Russo still to this age. I love WOWP, I still watch it, I still pretend to be Alex but more like a reader version of her. 😉

So this is the story of how I realized I have a love of reading.

Share your stories of how you became a reader or realized that you had been a reader all your life.

Until the next time.


A Reader. ❤



6 thoughts on ““Once Upon A Time I Was Not A Reader…”

  1. Cute story and quite funny! I have actually always been a reader and never really had a moment when it clicked. It was always with me. That’s maybe because my maternal grandmother was such a bookworm and I used to stay with her day in and day out 😂


    • Wow that’s really beautiful because my maternal grandmother was also a bookworm but sadly I never got to meet her because she died before I was even born. But my mother tells me that my love for reading is inherited from my grandmother. 🙂


  2. I suppose I became a reader through the will of someone else. My father would, and mother, when I think about it, would read to me since before I could talk. Eventually, this evolved into me reading to them. Things like Dickens and Twain were staples growing up, and it became a sort of tradition. So, a love for reading was instilled in me long before I even knew what the word meant.

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    • It is really beautiful to grow up in an environment where everyone is reading around you. I still kind of don’t read classics but I would love to read all of them one day. You’re quite lucky to have read them and spent all your childhood surrounded by books. 🙂

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