“An Update”

Hey beautiful souls. 🙂

Yes I know nobody reads this blog, I don’t post much then why am I even bothering to write an update, right?

Well the thing is as much as I would love to write a blog on regular basis, I hardly get time to come around doing it. I’m a student and it sometimes get really hard to juggle with studies and writing. Although writing makes me calm, it makes me feel as if I’m actually doing something so that’s why I always post things on my Instagram account because in that way people actually sometimes read whatever I write ( I know shocking right? :D)

But I really want to communicate with people around the world because people irl exhaust me to the point where I stop talking to any one in person. Communication really works in funny way. Here I am trying to communicate with people who don’t even know that my blog exists and live thousands of miles away from me and then there’s same ‘me’ who just don’t want any one to come up in person and actually make conversation with me.

So I guess the update was – yes I’m still alive and yes this blog is still deserted.

Until next time (whenever it would be)


The Lost Wandering Soul ❤



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