How I decided to write online.

Greetings 🙂 This is my second post of thig blog. It has been quite a time since I wrote my first post because I kind of then didn’t want to continue. It takes a lot of time and because I was juggling with my classes and also trying to come up with new ideas of writing for my instagram account I decided to quit writing a blog but now I really want to continue it.

In this second post I’m going to talk about how I actually decided to write online. Okay, so one day I was just using Internet and suddenly two verses came to my mind and I immediately wrote them. Then, I showed them to my little sister and because she also has bookstagram and a blog she suggested me that I should also start it. At that time I didn’t know if I will ever again come up with new ideas of writing but I thought I should at least try and see how it goes. So, I created my instagram account where I posted my first ever two lines poem ( I guess this is what I should say it ), well then I started getting good response and I kind of enjoyed writing whatever came to my mind. I still don’t have many followers but still it makes me happy that I get to show my writing to the world.

My first post of Instagram:

my posts

Here is thing that I have learnt from my experience; never think little of anyone maybe  they are new to something but they are at least trying to do something. And if that makes them happy then they should never stop. I know it gets hard because gradually you get this desire that you should also have thousands of followers but trust me even if one person is praising your work then it really matters. Also, we should all support each other and encourage each other to write whatever we want to because, nobody is born perfect and no one writes perfectly at first attempt. People spend months and years to come to the point where everyone only wants to read their pieces and if others can do it you can also. Trust me I get my inspiration of writing from other writers. You have no idea when you become inspiration for someone else.

Thank you for reading. I will really appreciate your comments. 🙂


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